The Thursday Interrogation.

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The Thursday Interrogation


 10  Questions 

Not for the faint of heart

Or weak of mind.


No.1  Why are you, you?

No.2  Where on the political spectrum are you & how did you get there? (A) Anarchist (B) Neo-liberalism (C) Conservative (D) Moderate (E) Socialist (F) Communist (G) Totalitarian. *

No.3  In today’s world, why does your book matter?

No.4  What is the one fear that is always holding you back? 

No.5  Finish this sentence “My novel will be remembered in 50 years time because…….”

No.6  How did you feel when you (A) First got married (B) Heard your parent had died (Mother or Father) (C) Realised you’re going to die (D) Seen your 1st child for the 1st time.**

No.7 Rejection is everywhere in the writing world and yet you carry on. Please explain?

No.8 Would your book “…..” make a great movie? Why?

No.9 Name one thing you have done that you’re not proud of?

No.10 Name 2 humans you love and why? ***


*Q2. To answer, Pick Only One (A, B, C, D, E, F or G) & explain.

**Q6. To answer, Pick Only One (A, B, C or D) and explain.

***Q10. Only 2. People you know. No dead people. Real people.


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The Thursday Interview

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After completiting The Thursday Interview there are Two different ways to get an Exclusive Interview

1) Just Gift your eBook from Amazon 

To (the-thursday_interview @ Hotmail . com)


2) As part of a Blog Tour:

Click Here for details.

Before Submitting, Please Read The 7 Simple Rules:

1. You must have already taken part in The Thursday Interview & have a new book published in the past 9 months.

2. If sending an eBook, it can be sent as an Amazon Gift to email:

the_thursday_interview @

2.A.  How to gift an eBook on –  CLICK HERE

2.B. How to send a voucher on –  CLICK HERE

3. All answers should be between 30 and 300 words. Of course we want to know about your latest book (Questions 3,5,7,8) but we also want to know about you (Questions 1,2,4,6,9,10). Answers about you should not contain information about your books.

4. A Bio will be used (150 words max).

No foul language in the bio or interview will be accepted.

5. Send your Bio (No.4) along with your Answers (No.3) as a (Word.doc or Google Doc or rtf file) to:   the_thursday_interview  at   – The email subject line should read “Thursday Interrogation”.

6. A Book Blurb will be used from Amazon or Goodreads.

7. Just 2 Recap – 

After sending your eBook (or applying for the Blog Tour or the Author feature)

Here’s exactly what you should send.

A)  Biography – 150 WORDS MAX

B)  10 ANSWERS – 30 to 300 words per answer

Any other questions? Just email me Patrick —  the_thursday_interview @



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